AGM Report

Childline Mpumalanga Annual General Meetings and Reports


Childline Mpumalanga has received its Non-Profit Organization registration number on 24 November 2005. It is mandatory for a non-profit organization registered with the Department of Social Development to hold an Annual General Meeting, during which the board and management of the organization shall distribute the annual report regarding services and activities of the organization during the past year, as well as audited financial statements for the year under review.


Through scheduling an AGM, Childline Mpumalanga demonstrates the organizations’ intent to be accountable to stakeholders. These stakeholders could include members, funders, donors, staff, clients, volunteers, community service partners, politicians, and the general public.


The primary document that is distributed and discussed during these Annual General Meetings is the organization's annual report. This report usually includes the following information:


* Board and management review, focusing on the key elements of the strategic plan for the next three to five years


* Financial reports - audited financial statements as part of the annual report.


* Client service reports - Information on client services, statistics on the number of clients, the kinds of services accessed, client outcomes is also included in the annual report.


Please access Childline Mpumalanga Annual general reports to view the organizations’ accountability for monies received and for client outcomes of the services rendered.