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Social Workers Trained on Parenting Skills


12 social workers attended 05 day training on parental skills. The training was offered by the parent centre from Cape Town.
The aim of the training was to capacitate social workers with parental skills for them to implement the parental skills program at 02 district municipalities in Mpumalanga
which are Ehlanzeni Gert Sibande district municipalities.
The objectives of the program is to organize and facilitate a teen parenting programme over a period of three years within Ehlanzeni District and Gert Sibande District Municipalities
to benefit  625 young persons per annum and district who are attending school and are parents/caregivers, and 200 young persons who are not attending school and are parents/caregivers.
The communities will benefit from the program because parents will be capacitated with skills that will enable them to communicate better with their children.
This is a 03 year program that will run from July 2016 to July 2019

Kruger Lowveld Chamber Business and Tourism (KLCBT) honors Childline Mpumalanga.


Childline Mpumalanga’s has since October 2003 been providing an effective children crisis, counselling and referral help line, providing therapeutic and counselling services to those affected by child abuse, raising awareness and advocating for the needs of children, encouraging and facilitating child participation in services and countering the contributing factors to children’s vulnerability within communities with innovative programs. The organization’s mission is to mitigate the vulnerability of children, to reduce the incidence and effects of child abuse and to contribute towards the creation of a more child-friendly society in Mpumalanga.


With remarkable personnel joined in a common goal of protecting, educating and supporting children in Mpumalanga. Childline Mpumalanga has grown from strength to strength. Expanding with services into rural areas where children and the community are invited to participate in training programs, events focusing on parenting skills, HIV, Abuse, Therapeutic sessions. Linking with supporting services from numerous Government and non-government institutions to facilitating a positive outcome for our children.


Every year the Kruger Lowveld Chamber Business and Tourism presents its Annual awards to selected candidates. Candidates whom excels at their respective categories of operation.

Childline KLCBT award




Brief nature of the Thogomelo Child Protection Skills Development Programme:


-The Thgomelo Project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with South Africa’s Department of Social Development (DSD).

- The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of PATH (Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health), Health and Development Africa (HDA) and the International HIIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA).

- To this end the project has developed 3 accredited skills development programmes registered with the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) and delivered nationally by accredited provincial training service providers.

- The 3 programmes are: Thogomelo Psychosocial Support Skills Development for community caregivers, Thogomelo Child Protection Skills Development for supervisors of community caregivers, and Thogomelo Psychosocial Support Skills Development for supervisors of community caregivers.

- The 2 curricula directed at supervisors aim to increase the institutional sustainability of the curricula and ensure that learners are supported and engage in ongoing service learning after completing the training.

- The curricula support the career-pathing of learners towards an occupationally based qualification in child and youth care work or social auxiliary work.


The Training Cycle:


- The Health and Development Africa (HDA) in collaboration with the Department of Social Development (DSD) implemented the project for Mpumalanga province with Childline as a Training Service Provider (TSP).

- The training programme was made up of a 10-day classroom time and 2 week learner support on practical work for the completion of the assignments in the learner workbooks, learner practical workbooks and the knowledge questionnaires as part of the learners’ PoE’s (Portfolio of Evidence) for assessment, moderation and verification.

- The complete assignments enabled the learner to use the Unit Standards credits towards a qualification.

- The learners were assessed and deemed competent in the full Unit Standards, of which qualified them to receive accreditation of the credits.

- The programme has been run under the guidance of the consortium through a five-year project cycle from 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2013 and it will be handed over to the Department of Social Development for scale up.


Childline Mpumalanga’s involvement as a Training Service Provider

  • Childline South Africa (Head Office) partnered with HDA and DSD through Childline Mpumalanga during year 3 of the project life cycle.
  • The training cycle for the year 3 started in March until September 2011.
  • The training was conducted at Sabie - Floreat Guest House to 30 learners from the 3 Districts of Mpumalanga.
  • 5 learners dropped out on personal reasons, 2 of the learners were incompetent in one of the modules and 23 learners were deemed competent.

The Graduation Ceremony:


  • Childline Mpumalanga in partnership with Ehlanzeni District Municipality and Department of Social Development joined hands together to celebrate the success of the 23 learners who received their qualifications and PoE’s in Thogomelo Child Protection Skills Development.
  • The graduation ceremony was held on the 18th December 2013 at Ehlanzeni District Municipality offices for the year 3 learners, class of 2011.
  • From the expected number of graduates that were supposed to receive their qualification, only one learner couldn’t make it for the graduation due to some personal reasons.
  • The organizing team with representatives from CLMPU, EDM and DSD did their best to plan for the success of this event even though it was done in a very short notice.
  • The venue was conducive enough for the event and Afro-Shine catering company donated refreshments for 60 people.
  • The graduation ceremony went very well regardless of some logistic challenges at some point but the learners were so excited and felt very honoured to have made it thus far.
  • This has been a learning curve to all partners involved for future activities and also served as the platform to declare the importance of a partnership between non-governmental organizations, public, private sector and government by enhancing community development in building better tomorrow for children.


Report Compiled by: Joyce Maelamo

                                     Manager: Training & Capacity Building

                                     Childline Mpumalanga