“When the sun rises, we are up, when the sun sets, we are up- to listen to the young and the old, to give an ear to the troubled souls and provide soothing, calming and restoring words and helping hands.
We are the ears that never go to sleep. We hear from the furthest distances within the province, within South Africa and beyond.
We are there to listen every second, minute and hour of the day”


1. Telephone Counselling and Child protection

CLMPU provides free and confidential telephonic counselling services through the 24 hour toll free Crisisline which is aimed at providing early intervention and specific crisis counselling services to all children and adults concerned about children calling the toll free number and assuring that the children in need of specific interventions get assistance, are attended to and receive the necessary protective services in the whole geographical area of Mpumalanga Province and beyond.

The toll free services are available for the Telkom landlines and Vodacom cellphones.

Counselling is provided by trained Counsellors who are trained through CLSA national office, and receive SETA accreditation for this training.

2. Partnerships

CLMPU works in partnership with the SAG, Child Protection Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisation,Community Based Organisations, Faith Based Organisations and Non-Profit organisations and other Civil Society Organisations that render services to children and families in the whole Mpumalanga province. In addition to that, CLMPU Crisisline also work together with Childline SA National office and with all other Childline offices in the other 8 provinces in South Africa specifically on the cases of child abuse received through the provincial call centres.

The toll free services are made possible and supported by the Telkom Foundation.


3. Child Protection Radio Talks


CLMPU has an excellent relationship with Radio Ligwalagwala where we conduct Child Protection Radio Talks with weekly slots every Thursday at 9h15 and evening slots at 9h30 every Mondays and we are therefore able to market ourselves even more. We also from time to time doing a TeenZone show that takes place every Saturday morning as per the Radio Ligwalagwala request. We have 2 more radio stations on board which are Munghana Lonene FM with a Childline broadcast every Tuesday at 9:30 and Ikwekwezi FM on request. We have seen an increase in the calls received from Nkangala district which has the highest number of Radio Ikwekwezi audience as well as from the Bushbuckridge area where Munghana Lonene has an audience since we started doing the talks through those radio stations.




nobody stands as tall as he who kneels down to help a child…
Governing Body:
Filo Mooney (Chairperson); Jeffrey Nkosi (Vice Chairperson); Shireen Gangat (Treasurer); Marilise Prinsloo; Dolf van Rooyen; Fani Chirwa;
 Shirley Mabuza; Ali Mokoena, Jennifer Schormann, Benita Nel (Director) & Mahambahleka Mawela (Deputy Director)